MaximoWorld 2018

August 7-9 | Orlando, FL

Maxis Technology is proud to announce our sponsorship and participation of MaximoWorld 2018.

As an IBM partner, we will be available for consultations and casual conversation on all topics data, data management and data migration. More importantly, we will be conducting live demonstrations on using Alchemize to manage large scale data migration project such as:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • System Conversions
  • System Archive
  • System Consolidations

Our mission statement for this year’s event:
“We don’t care which cloud you’re moving to, we just want to help get your data there quickly, safely and securely”

Walt Disney World Resort

  • Orlando, Florida
  • August 7th-9th
  • Location – Booth 406
  • Fun & Games  – Migrating data, let’s see you give it a shot!  Win big!!!

Alchemize - Making Data Agile

Steve Cornell

Tanya Mccall
Director of Business Development

Keith Hildreth
Senior Functional Consultant

Cynthia Ahr
Director of Strategic Alliances

Spotlight Presentation

August 9th, 10:40AM

Steve Cornell, CEO, Founder and Developer of Alchemize will discuss how IoT and Data Management should act as a layer between the objects and devices generating the data and Maximo to access the data for analysis purposes and services.

Joining Steve is Director of Emerson’s Operational Certainty Consulting, Bruce Pientka. Together they have structured a solution which allows Catapult and Emerson to provide their customers with the quality data in order to maximize Maximo reporting.

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