ABOUT Maxis: Leadership

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The Maxis Technology team consists of experts with comprehensive functional and technical knowledge, including more than 50 years experience of both the business and technical side of database management. Our team values innovation and collaboration as core principles necessary to achieve the best results for our clients.

Resident Data Scientist



David is our lead Resident Data Scientist, or Resident Alchemist Wizard, if you will. David has consistently shown his aptitude in the Internet of Things and is highly talented in delivering efficient results in a professional manner. Every team David has worked with is impressed with his ability to turn data operations into easy, worry-free processes. He humbly considers himself a “Customer Service Manager” because what is most important to him: delivering results for the customer. When we asked David what he would do if he won the lottery he said, “I’d have a heart attack because I don’t buy lottery tickets”.




Steve, Maxis CEO, started this company with fervor and grit. He works with David to develop the latest and greatest in migration and all things data whilst running an entire team of technology leaders. He is a tenacious businessman with impeccable knowledge of Big Data technologies. Along with the rest of the team, Steve’s top priority is implementing a professional and smooth archival/data merger. His reputation is impeccable and he continues to ensure a top notch experience for each and every process. A fun fact about Mr. Cornell is that he’s a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

CFO and co-founder



Lisa is the CFO and co-founder of Maxis and has over 15 years in business management. She manages the accounts receivable and accounts payable; basically she keeps this ship running smoothly. The clients and the staff are both always impressed with her meticulous management. Lisa is a proud “nana” to her grandson Thomas and when she’s not co-running the company she is galavanting around with him.

Director of Business Development



Tanya is our Director of Business Development. With extensive experience in strategic business management and technology, she is proficient in offering effective solutions to meet the client’s needs. Prior to joining Maxis, she worked for 15 years for companies offering IBM Maximo enterprise asset management professional services and cloud services. Tanya is very actively engaged in mentoring women recovering from addiction and utilizes her business skills by serving on the board for a non-profit organization.

Financial Manager

Troy Green


Troy, Financial Manager for Maxis, has a calm and passionate personality and enjoys leading people. With 36 years of experience in process management, he is adept at analyzing processes to discover and implement improvements for operational excellence. Troy has been married 36 years to the same lovely lady and has two children and two beautiful grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and camping with his wife.

Director of Strategic Alliances



Cynthia is our Director of Strategic Alliances. With a marketing background and a veracious appetite for all things data, she is the perfect addition to the team. Cynthia specializes in the content development and promotion of Alchemize, Maxis’ archiving tool. Cynthia’s superpower is her height – she’s 6’5’’ and you’ve probably seen her at one of the many conferences/meetings. She enjoys data so much that her fun fact takes a bit of mapping: She’s the only child of two only children and she has an only child!

Web/Graphics Designer



Carlos (Charles) is our very talented front end engineer. Hailing originally from Brazil he is a top notch web and graphics designer. Charles enjoys traveling and if he could be any superhero he would be Multiple Man… probably so he could build global websites all at once!

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