Alchemize – Enterprise Data Management

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A single management platform providing transparency and access to manage data across applications, across an enterprise system. Alchemize uses AI components to automate the redundant resource consuming operations involved in data projects and maintenance.

  • Automated System Learning – Learns each system uniquely
  • Automated Data Mapping – Maps dynamically, not through the use of templates
  • Automated Scripting and Data Transformation
  • Automated Test Data

Powerful Functionality for the Data Enterprise System


  • Cloud Migration
  • System Conversion
  • System Consolidation
  • Data Archive
  • System Retirement
  • Reimplementations


  • Transparency & access to data across system
  • Integration / Middleware
  • Index Tuning
  • Data Model Mapping
  • Data Masking
  • Data Cleanse and Purge
  • Create Test Data
  • Data Deduplication
The best data management system for Maximo systems.
Maxis Technology, providing support and services for big data challenges.


Guided by AI components, Alchemize interrogates and uses the database system and applications involved to teach itself about the data and all existing relationships contained within a database system. It intelligently builds an interactive ERD to provide uses with a visual representation of the system, in addition to direct access to the data and relationships. As a database management platform, users have complete transparency and access to augment data as necessary.

Used between two between two systems, Alchemize automates the data mapping process by creating the scripting rulesets needed to transform and move data from source to target systems. This level of automation puts the powers of 8 highly skilled technicians into the keyboard of one. By automating system analyses, data mapping, script generation and storing reusable scripts & jobs, Alchemize increase efficiency by 80% on large scale data projects.


Alchemize gives IT the power to respond to business objectives quickly and cost efficiently. IT projects that normally take weeks or months, take only days to complete. The cost savings of such efficiency is easy to translate.


  • System Analysis & ERD development
  • System Architecture
  • Migration & Transformation
    • System Conversion
    • System Consolidation
    • Migration to Cloud
    • System Integration
    • Data Integration
  • Cleanse & Purge
  • Archive – (or move non production data)


  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Information LifeCycle Management
  • Data Governance
  • Cost Cutting Measures
    • Cloud migration
    • Reduce Equipment Maintenance
    • Retire System
  • Reduce Footprint
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Data Quality
  • Increase System Performance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Intelligence


  • Manage multiple systems, sources and targets, all in one platform
  • Self learning system analyzation – Self generating adapters
  • Automated ERD generation
  • Automated scripting and rulesets
  • Rules management
  • Automated transformation
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • One single dynamic dashboard for entire system
  • A reset button!
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