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Alchemize increases the efficiency of data projects on a Maximo system by 80% OR MORE.

Automated System Analysis and Learning – Alchemize has spent years perfecting it’s ability to interrogate and learn a Maximo system. Regardless of customizations or database system used, Alchemize AUTOMATICALLY creates an interactive ERD and hierarchical rulesets perfectly describing the data structures within a system. Alchemize provides transparency and access to the data and relationships that exist within the system.

Automated Data Mapping – Utilizing what it has has learned from each a source and target system, Alchemize AUTOMATICALLY creates the scripting needed to transform and migrate the data from the source to the target.


  • System / Equipment Upgrade
  • Cloud Migration
  • System Consolidation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Decommission / Retire / Archive
  • Business Rule Implementation or Change
  • Regulatory Compliance / Change
  • Data Cleanse / Purge
  • System Division (Divestiture)
  • Transformation / Normalization
Automation = Shorter time to completion at less cost
System analysis and system to system data mapping are two core processes involved in any data project. With a highly skilled team these processes normally take weeks, even months to complete. Alchemize has automated these processes, regardless of customizations or database systems involved. The time and cost to complete the technical aspects are reduced by 80% or more.

Supporting Maximo with Alchemize

Maxis Technology has been providing services and support to Maximo uses since 2011. With over 75 years of accumulated experience in the Maximo space, our team provides industry, functional and technical services.

Our experience combined with the power of Alchemize allows us to tackle large scale data projects on in lesser time at a lower cost.

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