Alchemize for Maximo Data Management

The best solution!

Alchemize increases the efficiency of data projects on a Maximo system by 80% OR MORE.

Automated System Analysis and Learning – Alchemize has spent years perfecting it’s ability to interrogate and learn a Maximo system. Regardless of customizations or database system used, Alchemize AUTOMATICALLY creates an interactive ERD and hierarchical rulesets perfectly describing the data structures within a system. Alchemize provides transparency and access to the data and relationships that exist within the system.

Automated Data Mapping – Utilizing what it has has learned from each a source and target system, Alchemize AUTOMATICALLY creates the scripting needed to transform and migrate the data from the source to the target.


  • System / Equipment Upgrade
  • Cloud Migration
  • System Consolidation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Decommission / Retire / Archive
  • Business Rule Implementation or Change
  • Regulatory Compliance / Change
  • Data Cleanse / Purge
  • System Division (Divestiture)
  • Transformation / Normalization
Automation = Shorter time to completion at less cost
System analysis and system to system data mapping are two core processes involved in any data project. With a highly skilled team these processes normally take weeks, even months to complete. Alchemize has automated these processes, regardless of customizations or database systems involved. The time and cost to complete the technical aspects are reduced by 80% or more.

Supporting Maximo with Alchemize

Maxis Technology has been providing services and support to Maximo uses since 2011. With over 75 years of accumulated experience in the Maximo space, our team provides industry, functional and technical services.

Our experience combined with the power of Alchemize allows us to tackle large scale data projects on in lesser time at a lower cost.

FAQ about Mx-Cloud

We are dedicated to ensuring clients have a high-performing Maximo system tailored to the organization’s business objectives for asset management. The combination of industry and Maximo expertise allows our consultants to skillfully perform to deliver a system that improves operations and increases profitability.

Why do organizations migrate to the cloud?

The number one reason for migrating existing applications to the cloud is to free up IT resources to focus on their core competency. Organizations also see the cloud as an opportunity to cut costs by getting out of the data center business, leverage cost scaling that maps to their usage, and improve performance of existing applications.

What is included in Mx-Cloud managed services?

Mx-Cloud is our Maximo cloud hosting solution. The client can provide the Maximo software licenses and database licenses or Maxis can offer the licenses. Maxis offers the following managed services.

  • The application of patches and fixes to Maximo.
  • Patches to the operating system and database software.
  • Backups of the Maximo environment.
  • Refresh of Test or DEV environments.
  • Proactively monitor system and performance via logs for optimal performance.
  • Phone and email support related to performance issues or infrastructure.

Our solution includes a secure, high availability and high-performance environment. Maxis will scale the solution to match the client’s use of the Maximo application. Maxis will manage the underlying technical design.

How many instances of Maximo are included?

Maxis will support the number of instances the client requires. We require a minimum of two instances – Production and Test.

Are there any restrictions with Mx-Cloud?

There are few restrictions. The restrictions have to do with access that could mitigate the security or performance of Maximo. We encourage clients to configure Maximo for their business including integration and add-on products.

How do we migrate our data to the cloud?

Security is a critical challenge when migrating applications to the cloud. It can escalate costs in order to meet the right level of assurance or compliance. Understanding what data is moving where, and how that integrates with compliance and security policies is essential to making sure data and applications are secure to avoid hidden costs and fines. Maxis offers an automated,
rules-based data solution, Alchemize, that is precise when migrating, converting, or archiving data. Once goals for migration are established, Alchemize migrates data to the cloud with ease.

How do clients access Maximo?

Maximo is a browser-based application accessed via the Internet. Clients who have security privileges can access Maximo anytime, anywhere when an Internet connection is available.

How is Mx-Cloud different than the public clouds?

Mx-Cloud includes a secure virtual private cloud (VPC) within a public cloud environment providing isolation between the different organizations using the resources. The VPC runs its own copy of the operating system so clients do not share the VPC with other organizations.

Our technical support team is only a phone call away. Large public clouds rely on forums and email or web support.

We are Maximo experts, experienced with the Maximo architecture, permitting us to offer optimal performance. Public clouds are not familiar with Maximo.

Mx-Cloud offers the following:

  • Tier 2+ Data Center (St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas)
  • Redundant Building Power
  • Redundant Internet Connections with a minimum of 50 mbps total capacity
  • SSAE 16 Type II Audited, SOC 2 Compliant
  • VMware VSphere utilizing vCenter for High Availability
  • Dell PowerEdge Blade Server technology
  • Hybrid Flash Array SAN/NAS
  • 40 GB Core Network Backbone

What database platforms does Mx-Cloud support?

Maxis supports Oracle, SQL Server, or DB2.

How often is the database backed up?

Backups are made daily. Custom backup schedules can be requested.

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