Alchemize V. 4.1.0 Archive Demonstration Part I

Below is a short demonstration of how Alchemize is used to archive in just minutes.  To watch it in action, watch the actual video recorded in real time here.


We will archive a system and show how easily it can be done.  The work order structure in Maximo is our example but it could be done on others systems in the same manner.  

In our scenario we’ll archive from a system that is installed on DB2 and we’ll move our data to an Oracle database just to add a twist.  This could be used in likely cases where the data lake is stored in a different system.  Alchemize handles this without a problem.  

In the Maximo work order structure we’ll archive, there are 739 records in the ‘CLOSE’ and ‘CAN’ status as shown below.  We have determined we want to archive records with this status.   


Using our adapter, we then build and map our ruleset for the work order hierarchy.  This takes care of the mapping of the objects and understands all the underlying relationships.  














Once the rules are built at the push of a button,  then we look at the underlying tables and we quickly find that thre are 3 fields in the DB2 system that were not in the Oracle system.  In this scenario we are going to populate them using the scripting system and will populate them with 0’s.  We’ll come back to them at a later time to decide how to deal with them.  We then put our criteria in to the work order rule and put in a valid where clause (it can be any valid where clause).

After this we simply change the data state on our job to “Always consistent”  

Side bar:  Always consistent maintains the transactional awareness of a structure as complicated as the rules that you see in this example.  When one object is related to another it maintains the transaction boundary so that it honors that while moving the data.  It is a very powerful feature that is available in Alchemize.












Then we click launch now.














We have now Archived 739  Maximo workorders to an Oracle system from our DB2 system.  It’s really that easy.

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