Alchemize specializes in converting from one system to another, typically converting databases, for example, Oracle to SQLServer

Replatforming Wizard

  • Offers automation supported by methodology
  • Focuses on replatforming, not process deviations
  • Includes inherent code-free environment
  • Eliminates human error
  • Maintains integrity of data

Increase Productivity and Profitability

  • Better control and management of database conversion
  • Reduced manpower for the project
  • Promotes system quality and reliability
  • Quicker ROI

Replatforming Capabilities:

  • The Methodology is built-in
  • Moves and converts original data to new data formats
  • Matches most compatible data types (DDL) chosen from one database to another:
    • Internalizes these conversions in the form of a compatibility matrix
    • New data types, no sweat just add them and Alchemize starts using them
    • Ensures each data type is consistent leaving very little room for human error
    • New dialects (new systems) can be added with minor effort

Turnkey Option Available:

  • Includes Testing and Production go-live copies of the converting systems
  • Includes Audits to ensure all data is properly converted

Other Elements

Available at additional cost:

  • Custom code
  • Triggers
  • Stored procedures
  • Views conversion
  • Embedded SQL
  • Conversion Consultation

The traditional way

Maxis Technology Innovative Replatforming Process

Results Guaranteed on Every Replatforming Turnkey Project