Announcing the release of Alchemize 4.1.5

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What is the theme of this update, EFFICIENCY!  “Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.”  With the release of Alchemize 4.1.5 comes 5 major areas of development that will empower data management teams to become even more efficient.

First up, the addition of the Data Compatibility Whitelist Matrix.  Alchemize currently handles the translation of the data types across multiple databases. Newly added, Alchemize will now come with a matrix of pre-populated with standard cross-database and type mappings.  What is the benefit? The Data Compatibility Whitelist Matrix will continue to increase productivity and efficiency by automating “even more” scripting that would otherwise be necessary when manually mapping data between source and target databases.

Other improvements include the addition of the CTE (Common Table Expression).  Generally understood, using a CTE increases efficiency. In this case, the CTE will allow Alchemize to support more complex migration and archival criteria, meeting Business objectives and throughput constraints.

Also included in the release is the ability to create a Job Error Report.  This newly added feature provides users with the ability to quickly identify errors, report them and even recreate them.   This feature increases the efficiency of a team throughout tightly coordinated data projects.

Rounding up the release update, CSV Repository Configuration and File System Repository.  Both increase efficiency by addressing the connections of Alchemize and the source and target databases.  The former relates various dialects of CSV files and the features within the database system features. This minimizes the manual effort needed to configure the repositories as well as provides Alchemize the information it will need to automate future processes.  The latter is the addition of a repository within Alchemize. The most obvious advantage is the ability to import and export data without regard to repository type.

We are proud to launch Alchemize 4.1.5 as it will continue to quickly and safely increase the efficiency of data management teams and their projects.

Alchemize Compatibility Whitelist Matrix
Alchemize CVS Repository Screen


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