Archiving 10 years of data to the cloud improved performance for pharmaceutical company


Background: Using an enterprise asset management system with a DB2 database, a highly-regulated pharmaceutical company managed 10,000 assets. With 12 years of data in the system, application performance degraded and the company decided to do two things: (1) delete expired data and (2) archive inactive data. Knowing data would continue to propagate, the company desired to implement a reusable system for ongoing governance of their data to sustain the performance of the system.

The company chose the Alchemize solution for this project. Alchemize is able to interrogate the database and build rule-sets to govern the migration of objects from the database, while protecting the integrity of the data. Alchemize can intelligently navigate the object structure, treating each object and its dependencies as a single unit of work under a single transaction spanning the related systems.

With the inherent ability to throttle and schedule the archive/purge process, Alchemize operated without disruption to production systems. Alchemize moves data as fast or as slowly as necessary. The company was astounded that the process ran so transparently, without interruption, and without error.

The Result: The company achieved higher performance, faster backups, and improved reporting, while reducing compliance risk. The company is confident they can enforce and document regulatory compliance and can reliably access the archived data for reporting with the tool they select.

Cynthia is our Director of Strategic Alliances. With a marketing background and a veracious appetite for all things data, she is the perfect addition to the team.

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