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Our Services and Support

Supporting Alchemize

For those who lease or rent Alchemize for data management and projects, Maxis offers a robust training program. A training manual and training videos in conjunction with live video conference training are all part of the program. Alchemize simplifies data management and is designed to be used by a mid level tech. And when necessary, support is available. As we work closely with users to resolve issues, we transfer knowledge so that they can independently support their system.

Supporting Data Projects

Maxis offers technical support to all things data at the enterprise level. When it comes to data conversion, transformation, integration, migration, etc., we’re strong! In situations where projects fall outside the scope or skill set of the inhouse tech team, a team becomes over burdened, or simply need assistance utilizing Alchemize for unique problem solving scenarios, the Maxis team is available.

  • Database Conversion
  • Data Archive
  • Application Implementations
  • System/Application Upgrade
  • Cloud Migration
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Decommission / Retire
  • System Integrations
  • Data Governance (technical)
  • Regulatory Compliance / Change
  • Data Cleanse / Purge
  • Transformation / Normalization
  • Application Implementations

Supporting Maximo

Maxis Technology has been providing services and support to Maximo uses since 2011. With over 75 years of accumulated experience in the Maximo space, our team provides industry, functional and technical services. Our experience combined with the power of Alchemize allows us to tackle large scale data projects which include all data projects listed above.

Our Support Desk


  • Provides a Help Desk for call logging, continued point of customer contact and attempt to resolve non-complex problems.
    • Support non-complex installs and configurations (e.g. single-site).
    • Can perform basic log files and configuration file analysis to identify obvious errors.
    • Familiar with overall environment and able to administer Maxis products.
  • Typical background would include experience supporting enterprise software in environments.


  • Provides telephone assistance and attempts to isolate and resolve complex problems.
    • Support complex installs and configurations (e.g. multi-site site).
    • Can perform advanced log file analysis and pinpoint problem by testing potential causes in lab.
    • Able to provide suggestions on how to implement advanced solutions.
  • Typical background would include software development or system administration.


  • Provides product design engineering expertise and corrects product defects.
    • No direct contact from End User unless agreed by Maxis.
  • System level engineers.

Maximo Detailed Services

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