Execution Models

Execution models are a layer above how you would normally think of running just scripts or commands. The Alchemize framework allows you to implement complex processes with the click of a button, including leveraging our clustering capabilities for horizontal scaling. When you combine all of these technologies you have incredible power to handle the largest enterprise data challenges.

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1. Streaming Integration

Streaming is a must-have capability for today’s interface products and Alchemize offers this with the click of a button. The complexity of setting up a streaming rule is as easy as setting up any other type of job, you make the choice and Alchemize understands. This allows continuous streaming of a few tables or a hierarchy or even a complete database.

2. Always Consistent Jobs (parallelism with precision)

Alchemize offers a very powerful and dynamic process with the always consistent model, not scripted like our competition, and provided with the click of a button. The integrity of the data is maintained while Alchemize works on a live system. All related objects for a data item are automatically packaged and moved in one movement rather than table-by-table, keeping the data item intact. The example below demonstrates how the PO Cost, PO Cost Information, PO Line Item, and PO Line Item Description are packaged together for a PO and then transferred to the data lake in one movement.

3. Eventually Consistent (parallelism power and speed)

Need to finish your data project quickly? If you choose, Alchemize can transform data in parallel while the system is down. Objects are moved individually and because the system is down, Alchemize can be configured to operate at faster speeds.