Consultants Package

Consultants Package (organize a very large effort)

Alchemize supports very large and complex projects incorporating multiple systems, multiple business users, and, at times, numerous consultants. The Consultants Package builds on the automatic generation of dynamic reverse engineering capabilities of Alchemize.

The Consultant’s package supports the mapping analyst by helping to organize the project and giving him the tools and power to educate the project team about the data modeling requirements. It allows the analyst to choose structures to map, run meetings, and show SMEs, business owners, and other team members with a diverse range of skills clearly what may be happening under the covers, without being an Alchemize expert, and keep the project flowing.

Every consultant package is created by Alchemize and is also ingested to create the complex structures needed to load a system. This organizes and saves time in an interactive process by allowing team members to work in a tool (Excel) that most are very familiar with.

A screenshot of Alchemize's Consultants Package table
A screenshot of consultants package workflow