Reverse Engineering

Analyze (Data discovery and more)

The reverse engineering capability of Alchemize is comparable to an x-ray of your systems, which kickstarts the project.  Performing the x-ray at the beginning of a project saves an incredible amount of decision-making time, i.e. determining which tables to populate.  Alchemize makes smart decisions with the information gained via the x-ray, saving time conducting a manual detailed analysis of the systems.  This helps immensely when there is no familiarity with the systems.

ERD 2.0 (Visualize and modify the structure)

The ERD 2.0 is a dynamic model of the system structure that is actively navigated by Alchemize.   At runtime Alchemize navigates the structure to handle different scenarios as necessary.  Dynamic views can and will be generated as needed, saving a huge amount of effort and time.  In an archival job it can navigate a tree to maintain consistency and structural integrity with minimal effort and knowledge by the user.