Maximo Professional Services

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Archive Services

Are you interested in increasing the performance of your Maximo system? Would you like to remove the data you no longer use, but are required to be keep in order comply? Are you considering moving to the cloud and don’t would prefer to pay less to migrate and maintain your data once it arrives?

Archiving your Maximo data may be the solution to many of your challenges…

Alchemize is our automated data management platform. When used for archiving, Alchemize interrogates the Maximo system and delivers an interactive ERD that represents the data structure within. Together we work closely with the stakeholders (the business users and technical team) in order to determine best practice policy for determining archiving rules. Once the rules have been determined, Alchemize continues with the process to intelligently package the data so that it remains “always consistent”. Meaning, it retains all parent child relationships and transactional data, and is fully accessible for reporting in its new location. It simply no longer exists on the Maximo production system.

  • Archive Accessibility
  • Storage Optimization
  • Technical Resource Optimization
  • Regulatory compliance that does not negatively impact any of the above!


Management and support for Maximo in the cloud in a secure and reliable environment with optimum performance. Maxis will host your license and provide managed services. Our Cloud Services for Maximo and Tririga include more than just hosting. We offer a complete service with high availability, data and system security, and ongoing support by our experienced team. It’s one less solution that your IT team has to manage and maintain.

  • Proactive system and environment monitoring.
  • Management, policies, SLAs and procedures for enterprise-class service quality.
  • Setup, implementation and performance tuning delivered by Maxis.
  • One test and one production environment help ensure smooth roll-outs and upgrades.

Call our help desk for support and rely on us for applying bug fixes and software patches. You focus on your business and we take care of your Maximo application.

Mx-Care for Maximo support

Want to take a vacation without worrying about work?
Do you wish you could resolve Maximo issues quickly?
Are you lacking in-house experience with Maximo?

The Mx-Care team of Maxis is just a phone call or email away. Our help desk can do the heavy lifting when you need to quickly troubleshoot a problem or treat a critical issue. With our deep experience and expertise, you can quit worrying!

What type of support do we provide?
  • Manage IBM PMR tickets
  • Refresh of Test or DEV environments
  • Websphere support.
  • Monitor logging: Help with setting up proper logging
  • Maintain a source code repository of custom code changes and scripts
  • Backup procedures: Ensure properly designed processes and schedules.
  • Respond to security issues.
  • Repair or restore damaged/ corrupt databases to the extent recovery is feasible
  • Proactively monitor the application and performance
  • System is down: We will troubleshoot with your team
  • Support for minor patching
How To Subscribe
  • Call 844-696-2947, ext. 710 or email us at
  • Provide Maxis with access to your Maximo system.
  • We are ready to go to work!

We invest in long-term relationships and become thoroughly acquainted with our clients’ environments. It’s not necessary to repeat system details each time you contact our help desk. We are an extension of your Maximo team and our clients benefit from our suggestions for improvements and the knowledge transfer that occurs while providing support.

Maximo Upgrades

We make them simple, fast, and within budget

Upgrading Maximo makes use of the latest performance enhancements keeping the organization competitive while positioning the company to meet business objectives.

Upgrading provides an opportunity to retire old customizations and deploy standard software configurations. Future upgrades are then simplified and less costly by staying current.



Maxis is a trusted advisor and our consultants have an average of twenty years of experience implementing Maximo.


We are data experts, migrating data using our own solution, Alchemize. Alchemize is a data management solution that automates the transformation, consolidation, standardization, and archival of data.


Maxis is proficient with application integration, having integrated Maximo with ERP systems and applications for financial reporting, purchasing, payroll, and many others.


We simplify the process of implementing mobile technology by defining and implementing a solution that better serves your workforce.


Practical industry knowledge allows Maxis consultants to expedite design and compliance requirements discussions.


Maxis consultants perform efficiently because they have deep-rooted knowledge of the architecture of Maximo that comes from many years of working with Maximo and clients.

Simplify the process of upgrading and take advantage of new functionality. Whether you want Maxis to do all the work or guide you through the upgrade process, we are here to help you.

Call 844-MY MAXIS (1-844-696-2947), ext. 710 or send an email to

Maxis Integration Services

Valuable information organizations should share across applications often gets stored in silos lacking visibility, which means manually sharing data between different applications to provide information about potential risks involved with operating assets. This manual process can be time consuming, include inaccuracies, and cause delays in managing assets.

Leverage Enterprise Data

Integrating Maximo with enterprise systems enables those systems to communicate by making common data available to each application and facilitating the exchange of this data between the systems.

Leveraging the data among various enterprise software systems permits maintenance managers and technicians to benefit from the data of disparate systems, while only needing to understand and use the Maximo system.

Having access to data for meaningful analysis will provide the following benefits:
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Increase the return on your Maximo investment
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Expand real-time visibility of data
Maxis has deep Maximo system experience, with an intense understanding of the technicalities surrounding system integration.
  • ERP Systems (PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle)
  • GIS
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Payroll

Call Maxis today at 844-MyMaxis (696-2947), ext. 710 to discuss your integration requirements or send an email to

Maximo Health Check

Struggling with the performance of Maximo?
Not getting good analytics from Maximo?
Productivity not what it should be?

If you aren’t getting the maximum ROI from Maximo, make an appointment with Maxis to perform a thorough health check of your Maximo system, the environment, and business processes to understand where there is a gap in delivering Maximo’s business value.

Technical Factors
  • Is Maximo serving the business well as configured?
  • Are there frequent errors?
  • Does Maximo fail to perform well in times of peak usage?
Business Value
  • We inspect your data. Are data fields utilized correctly?
  • We analyze the usage of analytics.
  • Does Maximo support compliance and regulatory requirements?
  • Is the organization realizing expected business outcomes?
Business Processes
  • We identify inefficient and unnecessary processes.
  • Is the organization working towards development of a world-class asset management system?
Staff/Skills Issues
  • Are employees using manual processes that could be automated using Maximo?
  • Is there a gap in training/knowledge?
Architecture Analysis
  • Is Maximo deployed properly?
  • Is Websphere performing well?
  • Are servers sized appropriately?
  • How efficient is the network?
Experience Matters

Maxis consultants have years of experience working with Maximo – working as maintenance managers, and working in a variety of industry. The experience offered to clients when performing a Maximo Health Check is invaluable. We take a holistic approach, evaluating the Maximo application, the industry requirements and the business processes to enable effective business transformation.

Call Maxis today at 1-844-696-2947, ext. 710 or email!

Maximo Detailed Services

Maxis consultants offer industry, technical, and functional experience.

Evolving with Maximo Enterprise
Asset Management

Discover IBM’s new Maximo EAM Offerings and Roadmap.

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