Maximo Upgrade-Archive Combo Promotion

Maximo Upgrade-Archive Combo Promotion

Considering upgrading your Maximo?  Stick with Maxis and archive your data, at no cost…

Archiving your Maximo data is crucial to the process of governing your data and serves to provide many other advantages.  Removing irrelevant data from a production system will increase performance. Archiving will decrease both the resource and maintenance costs associated with managing data.  Consider the cost of migrating to a new Maximo Cloud system or upgrading to a new version. Does it make sense to move 100GB of data for a conversion when perhaps only 30GB is needed on the production system?  Why pay premium rates in a cloud environment when an onsite server is perfectly accessible and safe? The list goes on…

So why don’t more Directors & CIO’s require archiving Maximo data prior to migration?

By far the #1 User concern is losing access to archived data.  And even if you can access the data, is it functional? What if relationships are broken in the process of removing data?  Will transactional data remain intact if it is removed from the system? Management can’t make important predictive decisions based on historical data that is non-relational or broken.  This highlights the element of risk of data that can’t be recovered. But in addition, the process of archiving data is considered resource and time intensive, and therefore, expensive.   And finally, the all time favorite, “too much system downtime”, highlighting the cost of inefficiency. The list is too extensive.

Bottom line, the reason why archiving is NOT ALWAYS considered “best practice” is because the risks & costs of the process do not outweigh the benefits.  That was true BEFORE Alchemize. Alchemize, guided by our Maxis team, removes the risk and dramatically lowers the cost of archiving data while providing all of the benefits of removing unnecessary data from a production system.

Alchemize is our automated data management platform.

When used for archiving, Alchemize interrogates the Maximo system and delivers an interactive ERD that represents the data structure within.  Together we work closely with the stakeholders (the business users and technical team) in order to determine best practice policy for determining archiving rules.  Once the rules have been determined, Alchemize continues with the process to intelligently package the data so that it remains “always consistent”. Meaning, it retains all parent-child relationships and transactional data, and is fully accessible for reporting in its new location.  This addresses the number one concern of accessing and using archived Maximo data. Use current reports, build reports that point to the Archive system, or simply use queries to access your archived data.

Are you interested in increasing the performance of your Maximo system?

Would you like to remove the data you no longer use but are required to be kept in order to comply?  Are you considering moving to the cloud and don’t would prefer to pay less to migrate and maintain your data once it arrives?

If you have answered yes to any of the above or have considered archiving in the past, we invite you to take a look at Alchemize.

Cynthia is our Director of Strategic Alliances. With a marketing background and a veracious appetite for all things data, she is the perfect addition to the team.

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