Building Parterships

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Dedicated to mutually beneficial business relationships, Maxis enables companies to benefit from the sale of Alchemize and/or professional services. Interested in teaming up with Maxis, find a partner program that’s right for you!

Distributor Partner

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Work side by side to provide our customers the most comprehensive set of solutions, skills, experience, and industry knowledge. Maxis and/or Alchemize offer the flexibility to provide services with as much or as little presence as needed.

Best fit scenario – There are several scenarios that encourage this type of relationship. A partner who is perhaps smaller but wants to access new markets is a good fit. We specialize in the technical side of data projects. Partnering with a firm who’s technical talent is overburdened or inexperienced in a particular skill set is optimal. We find partners who excell with the functional side of Maximo to be well matched. Often, smaller firms don’t have the inhouse teams with the experience to bid on very lucrative projects. Consider the lost opportunities from past RFP’s.

Certified Reseller Partner

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Resell Alchemize for use within their customers environment. Alchemize alone provides this partner’s team with 80% greater efficiency to complete Maximo related data projects. Maximo supports this partner directly while this partner provides services using Alchemize. However, in cases where the partner finds that they are over burdened or lacking in a specific skill set required by their customer, Maxis is available to provide services directly to the customer. As the developers of Alchemize, our Maxis tech team is EXTREMELY efficient at utilizing the powerful components contained within the Alchemize platform.

Best fit scenario – Partners that resell Alchemize likely have large highly skilled inhouse technical teams. Alchemize will provide this partner with the opportunity to increase margins, submit lower bid estimates, and/or a mixture of both. Alchemize is an exceptionally good fit for a partner who needs to complete projects on a short timeline, or who’s customer DEMANDS near zero downtime. Finally, Alchemize will provide a firm with the confidence access new markets and bid on LARGE SCALE projects that were otherwise risky do to the unknown factors such as system analyses, data mapping and data transformation.

Technology Partner

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Technology providers offer application that connect to and extend Alchemize intelligent data management platform.

Referral Partner

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Maxis is proud to provide Referral Partner rewards. When a referral partner provides Maxis with a lead that concludes in a sale of services or software, our partners receive a percentage of the margin. The percentage is determined by the level of involvement throughout the lead, conversion, negotiation and close of the sale. Maxis greatly appreciates the efforts of our Referral Partners and commits to providing the customer with outstanding service and support in the name of the Referring Partner.

Best fit scenario – A referral is likely made by a partner who does not offer products or services that are offered by Maxis. Or, out of respect for a prospective customer, a referral partner has concluded that their Maxis is simply a better fit for a prospective customer.


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