Building Parterships

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Dedicated to mutually beneficial business relationships, Maxis enables companies to benefit from the sale of Alchemize and/or professional services. Interested in teaming up with Maxis, find a partner program that’s right for you!

Distributor Partner

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Maxis and partner will work side by side to provide customers the most comprehensive set of solutions, skills, experience, and industry knowledge. The Distributor Partner plays an important role in the sales cycle, maintaining contact with the customer, running the sales cycle and contacting Maxis when required. The Distributor Partner will advertise Alchemize on partner’s website and in social media. Maxis will make collateral available to partner to market the Alchemize solution.

Best fit scenario – A Distributor Partner may have interest in accessing new markets, offering a new solution, or offering a more complete solution. The Distributor Partner is familiar with their customer’s business and is often a trusted consultant. Maxis provides the technical support to complete the sale of the solution. Partnering with a firm who does not have inhouse technical support for data projects is optimal.

Certified Reseller Partner

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Resells Alchemize for use within their customer’s environment and invests in training staff to deliver Alchemize services. Maxis provides partner support while the trained partner delivers the Alchemize services for their customer. The Certified Reseller Partner will advertise Alchemize on partner’s website and in social media. Maxis will make collateral available to partner to market the Alchemize solution.

Best fit scenario – Partners that resell Alchemize likely have a highly-skilled inhouse technical team. Alchemize provides the Certified Reseller Partner with the opportunity to offer a competitively-priced solution. Alchemize is an exceptionally good fit when there is a requirement to complete a project on a short timeline, or whose customer DEMANDS near zero downtime. Finally, Alchemize will provide a firm with the confidence to bid on LARGE SCALE projects that were otherwise risky.

Technology Partner

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Leverage the architecture of Alchemize to enhance an application’s capability and automate functions on premise or in the cloud. Technology Partners offer the Alchemize automated data management platform to integrate and extend the capabilities of existing software or other technology, i.e. persistent archiving of data or transforming IoT data. Alchemize is database and application agnostic offering great flexibility and unlimited ability to integrate with software. More application processes can be automated, reserving IT resources for strategic activities. Workflows can be streamlined or modified as needed to promote better efficiency. Data can be transformed accurately across all systems, increasing the speed of business processes and reducing errors.

Referral Partner

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When a Referral Partner provides Maxis with a lead that concludes in a sale of services or software, our partners receive a referral fee. Maxis greatly appreciates the efforts of our Referral Partners and commits to providing the customer with outstanding service and support in the name of the Referring Partner.

Best fit scenario – A referral is likely made by a partner who has a trusted relationship with their customer and offers other products or services, but recognizes a business requirement for data management/transformation that Alchemize can fulfill.


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