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FAQ’s for Maximo Archiving with Alchemize

  • Installation – Does the solution require consulting to install and enable?
    We recommend remote assistance from Maxis for the initial installation and configuration. We can utilize this as an opportunity to teach you how to work with Alchemize.
  • Infrastructure – Is the solution installed on existing Maximo Infrastructure or does is require a separate dedicated Instance?
    Alchemize does not require a separate dedicated instance of Maximo. We can discuss further during our call.
  • Consulting – To install and configure the solution will Consulting resources be required?
    Yes, we recommend remote support from our technicians to install and configure Alchemize.
  • Lead time from implementation – Effort required to install and configure solution for use?
    We need to understand your requirements. Alchemize has powerful capabilities and can archive data, convert data, merge data from disparate systems, consolidate data from like application instances, and segment data. The effort to install is minimal but we can discuss what may be required to configure Alchemize.
  • Training – Training needs for IT resources supporting the product?
    Maxis will work with IT during the initial installation.
  • Reporting – Availability of archived information for reporting and can it be integrated with production information?
    Archived data can be accessed from the production instance of Maximo for reporting. Alchemize maintains the referential integrity of the data as it is archived into a repository.
  • Scheduled Archiving – Can a schedule be set for the solution to automatically archive data based on IT definitions for when records can be archived?
    Yes, Alchemize includes a scheduling feature.
  • Re-introduction of archived records to production Maximo – Can the archive data be moved back into Production Maximo?
    Yes, archived data can be moved back into Production Maximo. We also have an “undo” feature in case an error is made.
  • Could the Solution be used to move data from an old instance of Maximo to a new instance—Data Migration?
    Yes, absolutely.
  • Maximo Upgrade Impacts to Archived Data – Does the archived system/data need to be upgraded and kept in sync with production?
    This depends on your requirements.
  • And can archived data from an older version of Maximo be brought back into a newer version of Maximo?
  • Licensing Model – How is the solution licensed – Do we need separate licenses for Calibration and Core Maximo instances?
    Alchemize is available on a monthly subscription basis for ongoing use or is available as a monthly rental for short-term projects.
  • Pricing Model – What are the pricing options for the solution?
    Pricing will include implementation services, Alchemize pricing, and ongoing support services. We have flexible options based on your business requirements.
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