Alchemize for Archiving

Data archival is a vital component in a Data Management Strategy. As an enterprise attempts to grow, become more efficient and gain an advantage, their data migrate accordingly. This includes system upgrades, migrations to the cloud, Mergers, and acquisitions, just to name a few. And, while data is considered an ‘Asset’, too much or the wrong data can become a liability.

The benefits of archiving

Archive Accessibility – Access your archived data. View, query, and report on data in archives using industry-standard methods and tools.

Cost Optimization – Alchemize prepares data for archival providing technological agility, allowing for retirement of applications and/or systems. This translates into the ability scale. Upgrading and investing in more efficient applications and/or systems will have a direct positive effect on ROI.

Storage Optimization – Alchemize reduces that amount of data within production systems and relocates less relevant data to lower-cost storage repositories. This reduces capital and operating expenses. As well, it increases the performance of the production systems/applications.

Governance – Alchemize archives and preserves data for compliance when retiring applications. It allows enterprises to implement strategies that govern, control, and secure. Yet, it affords quick and seamless access in order to respond to audits, litigation, and general investigation.

System and Application performance – It’s a simple concept to understand that the fewer data that exists within a system, the faster and smoother the system runs. This includes responding to analytic, compliance, or any other reporting projects.

The tech side

Alchemize intelligently automates manual processes involved in data mapping, the most time-consuming and expensive portion of the data discovery, the root of implementing the rules that govern data. By automating, Alchemize simplifies, standardizes, and reduces the time & risks involved in data quality projects, such as cleansing, purging, and archiving. Automation of data mapping reduces the demand for IT resources by approximately 80%; IT budgets enjoy the same benefits.

Archiving Challenges

  • Customization of the system involved, verticals added
  • Years of interconnected data object that when incorrectly moved can “break the system”
  • Accessing archived data
  • Decentralized data governance implementations
  • Time & Cost resources for Excel-based mapping (data prep)

Alchemize Benefits

  • 80% reduction in time and expense over industry-standard methods of archiving
  • Reduces and exposes errors
  • Enables cost optimization
  • Implements Governance Strategies
  • Support Storage Optimization Strategies
  • Reduce the time to upgrade

Beyond Archiving

Alchemize is a data management tool that maximizes the value of data throughout the lifecycle.

  • System or Application Upgrades
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • System Conversions
  • Divestitures
  • Cleansing and Purging
  • Implementation of Governance