So You Think Your Maximo Archived Data is Not Accessible? Don’t Fret, Maxis Has a Solution.

Accessing Maximo Data Post Archive

So You Think Your Maximo Archived Data is Not Accessible? Don’t Fret, Maxis Has a Solution.

Archive inactive data and report on it directly from Maximo!

Have you ever contemplated archiving your Maximo data, but fear you will never have access to your data again?  With Alchemize, Maximo data is readily available – even when moved outside of your production system to an archived repository.  You can run analytic reporting on your archived data and never leave the Maximo application. It’s so easy!

Accessing your archived Maximo data is easy.

Simple and straightforward, point your reporting tools to the appropriate source. We agree that archived data, just like all data, is valuable and should be available for requirements such as regulatory compliance or audits.  No worries, it can be!  With our solution, it’s as if the data was never moved from production.  A seamless user interface within Maximo facilitates run BIRT reports on archived data.  Now there is no reason to fear archiving your Maximo data.

So, have no fear, archive inactive data.

We have solved the accessibility challenge!  Production data should only be active data. Here are just a few of the benefits of archiving.

  • Improve system performance
  • Increase data quality
  • Improve time to backup and/or restore backups
  • Decrease upgrade time and expense
  • Reduce cloud migration time and expense
  • Ease the regulatory compliance effort
  • Decrease report generation turnaround time
  • Take control of your data!

Successful data management converts data into knowledge and intelligence that competitively drives business.  Alchemize, powered by Maxis, is the preferred data management platform for automating data transformation processes.  The ultimate question becomes: Why not archive data that is not relevant to your Maximo production system?

Cynthia is our Director of Strategic Alliances. With a marketing background and a veracious appetite for all things data, she is the perfect addition to the team.

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