Before switching to your cloud solution we had many and I mean MANY slowness issues and other stability problems within Maximo. We had a local multiple instance JVM install of an Oracle backboned Maximo before going to your cloud solution. After switching to your cloud solution literally the speed issue complaints and connectivity issues were gone.

U of Utah

It was a great choice as Maxis helped us through the entire process. We enlisted them to evaluate our database queries, reports, workflows, etc. From this, they prepared a migration plan for the August 2017 formal cutover. It went extremely well considering the volume of data and number of applications affected. I would recommend Maxis Technology to any company needing similar services or full Maximo implementation.

IPSC - Intermountain Power Service Corporation

Prior to finding Maxis and their Alchemize tool, SMS converted our client’s databases to DB2 using a very manual and laborious process that presented significant risk to the success of our customer projects. After partnering with Maxis and basing our DB conversion strategy on Alchemize’s best-in-breed capabilities, we have greatly enjoyed a turnkey approach that ensures repeatability and very predictable outcomes.

Steve Rendall
Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS)