The Commitment – Alchemize

With the launch of Alchemize (formerly Mx-Archive) as a stand alone product in March 2017, Maxis Technology is making some big moves.  Seems Alchemize has tremendous potential as a data management tool that will act as the cornerstone by which Maxis will catapult into the structured data management space.  With this, Maxis is pivoting towards developing alliances with Consultancies or other third party vendors.  Big moves given that these were considered Maxis competitors.  

So, how does a company who’s been working as a services business, make such a pivot…successfully?  And how do they get the message out?  

Let’s see:

Commit to the long term development of Alchemize as the future of the business

Hire the talent….Check!

Invest in marketing.….Check!

Rebrand & develop and refine product message.….Check!

Redesigned website, publically demonstrating the commitment to put Alchemize in the forefront.….Check!

Demonstrate (to previous competitors) that we have a solution that will increase their margins and/or save their clients heartache and capital.….Check!

Schedule a long fall tour of conferences that will get the word out.….Check!

Finally, run promotions that will encourage trials of Alchemize.….Check!

Take a deep breath, and continue…

What does this mean?  It means it’s all about Partners, and how Maxis can support them.  Maxis understands that Alchemize provides a Win, Win, Win!  Alchemize provides a Partner with a very powerful data management tool will help them to increase their margins (and/or) provide a savings to their customer.  Additionally, our Partners might be open to projects that would otherwise not be accessible. As for the customer’s win?  The customer’s data projects are completed at a lower cost, in less time and with greater accuracy.  The third win?  Maxis will gain a reputation as a “good partner”, gain market share and an opportunity grow as a player in the data management space.

Bottom line, Maxis Technology believes that a commitment to developing alliances with Partners is THE future.  It’s all hands on deck.  Get the word out.  Let our Partners know we support them.  Let the Win Win Win’s begin!

By Cynthia Ahr

Director of Strategic Alliances