Alchemize Methodology

Implementing a software system can be a daunting task, so a successful project begins with a sound implementation methodology. The importance of knowing and understanding the processes to follow for deploying any software system cannot be understated and will save time and money for any project while controlling the scope.
We base the Alchemize methodology on quality, risk management, and communication elements that are tested, proven, and repeatable. The results of this organized and partially automated approach are greater productivity, less frustration, and a speedy, focused implementation.

Alchemize Functions

The architecture of Alchemize combined with our methodology supports multiple types of performance functions for transforming data across a variety of industry and customer environments. Below are some of those functions:


Convert one database type to another.


Align systems with current and concurring data.


Permits exchange between two or more systems.

Merge systems

Transform and load data from multiple systems into one.

Extract data

Extract data from a system.

Structured Data Archiving

Archiving based on business-defined rules into an active repository.

Alchemize Project Methodology

Alchemize performs a variety of performance functions utilizing a standard methodology. Each step of the methodology helps to build a better plan.

  1. Staging – the preparation process
  2. Define the data repositories and provision the server(s).
  3. Analyze the data that will be transformed.
  4. Plan and prioritize involving LOB users
  5. Consultants Package – describes the data in detail
  6. Execute
  7. Go Live Plan
  8. Go Live
  9. Audit