Integration & Synchronization

The traditional way

Alchemize brings together multiple innovative technologies to empower the data expert. The automation makes building an integration for the synchronization of data a snap.

Typical Enterprise Interface

Eventually consistent model

Asynchronous – Moves data with speed and ETL-like capabilities

Always Consistent Model

Synchronous – Process each transaction in an object individually with a click of a button, e.g., send each Purchase Order individually

Integration & Synchronization Capabilities
  • Uses data compatibility matrix to relieve the stress of data type mismatches
  • Uncovers and easily resolves structural differences between systems using the ERD and Reverse engineering capabilities
  • Employs the power of an internal system thesaurus, which will automatically create a common reference for unlike fields between disparate systems
  • Schedules a constantly streaming connection at the click of a button, unlike manual ETL processes
The Strength of Alchemize
  • Automatically synchronize all or parts of a source system with a destination system
  • Easily generate an up-to-date test database to load, test performance, and perform stress testing

Want to send purchase orders to a data lake? Want to clone a structure for testing or development?
…accomplish very quickly and easily with out-of-the-box capabilities

Configuration Models

Configure Alchemize to move data as rapidly as preferred. Schedule Alchemize to execute while production is live or when the system is down. The Always Consistent model (live production) allows you to access your application while Alchemize is working, keeping data relationships intact. The Eventually Consistent model (application is down) is fast, rapidly moving data table by table.