You and Maxis:
A Winning Team

Simply stated, teaming up with Maxis Technology empowers everyone to work together for a quicker, less risky data migration process that ties up less resources for you and your clients.

The brainchild of the folks at Maxis Technology, Alchemize was developed leveraging decades of experience into an innovative, AI enterprise data management application. Now the fastest application in the industry, Alchemize was made to make data migration and transformation easier and more profitable for you and your customers. Moving data is what Maxis is focused on and specializes in. Let your team continue doing all the other project components and leave the data heavy-lifting to us on all your data migration projects.

Take advantage of the architecture of Alchemize to enhance an application’s capability and automate functions on-premise or in the cloud. Our Partners offer the Alchemize automated data management platform to integrate and extend the capabilities of existing software or other technology, i.e. persistent archiving of data or transforming IoT data.

Alchemize is database and application-agnostic offering great flexibility and unlimited ability to integrate with the software. More application processes can be automated, reserving IT resources for strategic activities. Workflows can be streamlined or modified as needed to promote better efficiency. Data can be transformed accurately across all systems, increasing the speed of business processes while reducing errors.

Taking the guesswork out of your data management, while eliminating variables and risk, can help keep your project within budget and your timeline on track.

Using Alchemize…

Helps achieve more profitable projects
Requires Fewer Hands
Accelerates Project Schedules
Offers Repeatability
Makes it Easy to Satisfy Your Customers
Alchemize can do what others can’t and we would welcome an opportunity to prove it to you. At Maxis, we believe in leveraging strategic partnerships to empower everyone to work smarter, not harder and everyone wins – especially your clients!

Partner Testimonials and Stories

Having done some database replatforms in house, we know it can be an extremely tedious exercise and we have great appreciation for the work Maxis does for our clients to streamline that process.

Amy Tatum
Vice President & Technical Director at Starboard Consulting - Maximo Solution Expert Internal Oracle to SQL Server Project

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