Seamless Maximo Upgrade with Alchemize

Seamless Maximo Upgrade with Alchemize

Recently, IBM engaged Maxis Technology to leverage its industry-leading product, Alchemize, to upgrade Maximo on SQLServer to MAS 8 in the IBM Cloud for a global shipping and delivery company.

While the mere mention of a Maximo upgrade may have stakeholders fleeing conference rooms, those typically complex Maximo upgrades can be executed with ease using the ground-breaking AI technology found in Alchemize.

Moving the client’s current Maximo version and to the Db2 database platform is the key first step in upgrading to MAS 8. IBM selected Alchemize for the initial upgrade of Maximo on SQLServer to Maximo on Db2, towards the final upgrade step to MAS 8 in the IBM Cloud.

Maxis received the 72GB source SQL Server database on a Thursday evening and had the Maximo upgrade completed and the database converted to Db2 and ready for handoff to the IBM MAS Team for finalizing migration to MAS and client validation by Tuesday of the following week. Results achieved? Less than a week turnaround to perform, and zero issues related to the upgrade and migration process!

The Maxis’ upgrade and replatforming portion of this upgrade was successfully completed as a fixed-price engagement to offer a simplified project execution and predictable delivery scenario for both IBM and the end client.