Case Studies

Learn how Maxis Technology helps businesses across industries, from startups to large enterprises, effectively integrate and transform data.


At a Major Power Utility that includes nuclear plants, we are migrating data from 6 core systems and around 80 edge systems into a single new EAM using Alchemize, with a peak throughput peaking around 42,000 rows per second, and additionally engaged to perform data quality reporting. Core systems include Oracle WAM, EMPAC, and Maximo. Edge systems include Peoplesoft, Salesforce, and a myriad of customer developed systems backed by everything from Oracle to Access or Excel.


For a large US Solar Power Company, we are using Alchemize running on AWS to replace their legacy Golden Gate for synchronizing data between their DB2 production system in the IBM cloud and their SQLServer data lake in the Rackspace cloud. Following the primary project completion, Maxis remains engaged providing periodic, and as-needed project support.


We assisted a Major Water and Sewer Authority with their migration of an EAM with ¼ TB database replatforming from on-premises Oracle to SQLServer in the azure cloud, using a two-phase process consisting of an initial main bulk load, followed by periodic delta loads, then at go-live we running a final delta load from their Oracle database to the cloud. Our portion of the go-live effort was about 45 minutes from production shutdown to live EAM.


The flexibility of our Alchemize platform was fully leveraged for a Major Electrical Utility while migrating the legacy Infor EAM for their large international business unit into the US Corporate Maximo standardized system. At the end of the go/no-go meeting for cut-over, the business informed us that:

  • There were tax changes in one country that needed to be incorporated in the merger
  • They needed to change the GL account structure at the last minute
  • The currency conversion rules had changed
  • They had not considered SOX requirements, and needed to redesign how purchase orders were to be migrated

The project manager scheduled a meeting the next morning to strategize and our team was able to meet the changed requirements overnight and were ready for the scheduled go-live date.

Large Pharmaceutical Company

The very first Alchemize engagement was with a Large Pharmaceutical Company who needed several decades of data archived and purged from their EAM system. They were deployed on a busy DB2 database, where locks were a regular production problem, but in running our database archiving routines over a period of several weeks the client noticed the system became faster as we removed data and we fully cleanly archived and purged the data on a running production system without issues.

Business Case: Alchemize’s database replatforming process

It is not uncommon for large companies to change their database platforms. There are many reasons for this, such as better security, more reliable technology, and better prices. However, the usual 13 weeks consumed at the re-platform operation may discourage most companies. Maxis developed Alchemize, a heavy-duty software specialized in converting from one system to another, typically converting databases, for example, Oracle to SQL Server in hours.

How to split and securely transfer a database in hours using Alchemize

In this video, we explore the situation where a company has sold a facility to a competitor. As part of the sale, facility-specific data from this company’s application systems must be transferred to the buyer.