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Streamline Your MAS8 Upgrade with Data Archiving!

Upgrading to MAS8? Don't skip data archiving! IBM recommends it for faster upgrades, error reduction, and smooth migration. Learn how Alchemize simplifies the process, minimizes risks, and keeps your data...

Navigating Database Challenges in Mergers and Acquisitions with Maxis Technology and Alchemize

Explore how Maxis Technology and Alchemize bring efficiency and reliability to database integration during mergers and acquisitions, utilizing powerful reverse engineering, playbooks, and iterative execution processes.

Maximizing Data Warehouse Efficiency with Alchemize: A Tech Revolution

Discover how Alchemize brings automation and intelligence to big tech, revolutionizing data warehousing for unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Unlock the future of data management.

Unlocking Datalake Potential with Alchemize

Dive into the transformative world of Datalake management with Alchemize, automating refinement for strategic insights. Unlock the true potential of your data reservoirs.

Exploring Time Series Databases (TSDBs), ROI, and Alchemize’s Zero Downtime Abilities

Elevate your data strategy with Alchemize's zero downtime capabilities in the realm of time series databases (TSDBs). Experience seamless integration, maximizing ROI for a data-driven future.

Unveiling Data Governance and Privacy Practices with Maxis Technology

Explore how Maxis Technology takes the lead in championing data governance and privacy, with a focus on transparency, privacy by design, and empowering data stewards for a secure and compliant...

Alchemize and Blockchain Fusion: Elevating Data Security

Discover the seamless synergy between Alchemize and blockchain, reshaping data security through tamper-resistant transactions, smart contracts, and immutable data trails for robust data governance.

Maxis Technology’s Mastery in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions

Embark on a transformative journey with Maxis Technology and Alchemize as they redefine data management in the era of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions. Discover a synergy of expertise and innovation...

Unleashing the Full Potential of Maximo Application Suite 8.11 with Alchemize

Alchemize, the brainchild of Maxis Technology, emerges as the ultimate solution for businesses seeking optimal performance from Maximo 8.11.

IBM announced MAS SaaS on AWS

IBM's announcement of MAS SaaS on AWS highlights the company's quest to merge its standalone applications into a unified suite of solutions.

Join us at Maximo World 2022!

Come and met Julian McKay, Maxis’ Director of Business Development, from August 9th to 11th at MaximoWorld.

Maxis is IBM Golden Business Partner

Maxis Technology is growing and strengthening our partnerships worldwide. We’re excited to announce our new status at IBM: Gold Business Partner.