Maximo Solutions

The most critical components of all enterprise systems are data and the underlying database. Maxis has tailored its core Maximo offerings around our Alchemize flagship product. This approach allows us to focus on doing what we do best – managing and handling data more efficiently and reliably, with streamlined repeatable processes using no code solutions, for quicker project deliveries and an overall cost savings up to 80%!

Maximo Upgrades*

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, upgrade to the latest version of Maximo to leverage new features and functionality, while maintaining supportability

Maximo Database Replatforming

Our team of technical experts can automate any Maximo database platform change

Maximo Cloud Migration

Our proven methodology and advanced tools can migrate your Maximo system from on premises to the cloud, or between cloud platforms

Integrations and Data Warehouse Synchronization

Maintain data between multiple disparate systems and platforms in near-real time, with any translations or conversions fully automated

Maximo Data Loading, Transformations and Standardization

Quickly and efficiently convert data and load to and from any system or platform in significantly less time and effort than traditional methods

Maximo Data Archiving

Archive select data to meet data governance requirements or parse historical data

Acquisitions, Divestitures, Phased Implementation Rollouts, and Standardized Maximo Deployments

The challenges inherent with acquisitions or divestitures – or accomplishing phased implementation rollouts for your organization can be obsolete with our automated and repeatable Maximo solutions

Maximo Database Backup/Restore and Mirroring

Let us do the heavy lifting with performing one-time or regularly scheduled Maximo database backups or environment mirroring to keep your instances in sync

Maximo Systems Merging

Leverage our extensive experience and proprietary tools to easily merge two or more Maximo systems

Additional Maximo Services

Maxis also offers these strategic Maximo services aimed at helping to better support your maintenance organization

  • MX-CARE™ (MAXIMO SUPPORT)Responsive 24x7 white glove support services for routine system monitoring, additional hands-on direct engagement to supplement your IBM support
  • IBM MAXIMO LICENSE AUTHORIZED RESELLERMaxis is an IBM Gold Level Partner and authorized Maximo license reseller – get a quote from us today!
  • IBM ANNUAL SUPPORT RENEWALSIBM Software Subscription and Support renewals ensure you maintain uninterrupted access to Maximo updates, fixes, and new release versions to keep your products current and organization supported
  • MAXIMO TRAININGWe have scalable training offerings and options available for new Maximo version releases, or if you are implementing new features, have new users or system administrators, or just need some refresher training
  • MAXIMO CLOUD HOSTINGMoving to the cloud can reduce the support burden on your organization and offer a lower overall total cost of ownership – and we can help get you there!

Recent Projects Showcase

These are just a few of our Maximo project profiles illustrating the range of Maxis capability for executing complex Maximo projects successfully for our clients.

Major Power Utility

At a Major Power Utility that includes nuclear plants, we are migrating data from 6 core systems and around 80 edge systems into a single new EAM using Alchemize, with a peak throughput peaking around 42,000 rows per second, and additionally engaged to perform data quality reporting. Core systems include Oracle WAM, EMPAC, and Maximo. Edge systems include Peoplesoft, Salesforce, and a myriad of customer developed systems backed by everything from Oracle to Access or Excel.

Solar Power Company

For a large US Solar Power Company, we are using Alchemize running on AWS to replace their legacy Golden Gate for synchronizing data between their DB2 production system in the IBM cloud and their SQLServer data lake in the Rackspace cloud. Following the primary project completion, Maxis remains engaged providing periodic, and as-needed project support.

Major Water and Sewer Authority

We assisted a Major Water and Sewer Authority with their migration of an EAM with ¼ TB database replatforming from on-premises Oracle to SQLServer in the azure cloud, using a two-phase process consisting of an initial main bulk load, followed by periodic delta loads, then at go-live we running a final delta load from their Oracle database to the cloud. Our portion of the go-live effort was about 45 minutes from production shutdown to live EAM.

Major Electrical Utility

The flexibility of our Alchemize platform was fully leveraged for a Major Electrical Utility while migrating the legacy Infor EAM for their large international business unit into the US Corporate Maximo standardized system. At the end of the go/no-go meeting for cut-over, the business informed us that:

  • There were tax changes in one country that needed to be incorporated in the merger
  • They needed to change the GL account structure at the last minute
  • The currency conversion rules had changed
  • They had not considered SOX requirements, and needed to redesign how purchase orders were to be migrated

The project manager scheduled a meeting the next morning to strategize and our team was able to meet the changed requirements overnight and were ready for the scheduled go-live date.

Large Pharmaceutical Company

The very first Alchemize engagement was with a Large Pharmaceutical Company who needed several decades of data archived and purged from their EAM system. They were deployed on a busy DB2 database, where locks were a regular production problem, but in running our database archiving routines over a period of several weeks the client noticed the system became faster as we removed data and we fully cleanly archived and purged the data on a running production system without issues.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Maxis took a legacy, on premises version of Maximo running Oracle to upgrade and migrate to a new MAS in the IBM cloud on DB2 in only 14 weeks using Alchemize! Together with the Maxis team, we worked through various challenges to meet an aggressive timeline with a successful delivery of the project.

    Aleks Dimitrov
    Director of IT, Avon
  • Before Maxis assisted in migrating us to the cloud, we had many and I mean MANY slowness issues and other stability problems within Maximo deployed using a local multiple instance JVM install of an Oracle database. With the cloud solution, all of our speed issue complaints and connectivity issues were gone.

    Mike Schouten
    U of Utah
  • We enlisted Maxis to evaluate our Maximo database queries, reports, workflows, etc. From this, they prepared a migration plan for the August 2017 formal cutover, and helped us through the entire migration process. It went extremely well considering the volume of data and number of applications affected. I would recommend Maxis Technology to any company needing similar Maximo services or implementation.

    Kevin Miller
    IPSC - Intermountain Power Service Corporation
  • Prior to finding Maxis and their Alchemize data tool, SMS converted our client’s databases to DB2 using a very manual and laborious process that presented significant risk to the success of our customer projects. After partnering with Maxis and basing our DB conversion strategy on Alchemize’s best-in-breed capabilities, we have greatly enjoyed a turnkey approach that ensures repeatability and very predictable outcomes.

    Steve Rendall
    Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS)

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